About LaundryView®

LaundryView connects laundry machines to the Internet and allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers from any web browser. LaundryView was developed by Mac-Gray's in-house Research & Development department in 2005 to improve student satisfaction with the campus laundry program.

In 2008, Text Alerts was introduced in response to student feedback overwhelmingly indicating that text messaging is the preferred communication method. LaundryView Text Alerts gives students the freedom and flexibility to receive laundry notifications wherever they happen to be on campus. Mac-Gray has recently launched LaundryView Mobile which has all the features of LaundryView that students love most available on the go. LaundryView is optimized in mobile application for use on web-enabled smart phones.

LaundryView, installed at more colleges and universities than any similar systems, is #1 in campus laundry room monitoring because:

  • It's more convenient - Students can set reminders and alerts or view usage reports to plan their time efficiently
  • Student Privacy is a top-priority - No personal student information is stored or shared over the Internet, so there is no risk of identity theft
  • It reduces machine down-time - Over 75% of all machines malfunctions are captured by LaundryView's patented technology, so we can fix the problem before it becomes an inconvenience
  • Environmental Awareness is Encouraged - A running tally of gallons of water saved through high-efficiency washer usage is displayed on each page and there is also a green laundry tips section

Log onto www.laundryview.com to see a real-time 3-D view of the laundry rooms on your campus!

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